Lucid Dreaming kick start

Date: 2/18/2017

By KatTheDreamer

so, this isn't a dream, but I wanted to put out a sort of routine to do weekly to help with people struggling with becoming lucid (like me). they're sort of like goals and check points based off of what's helped me in the past. I've been trying to lucid dream on and off for about two years, and while I have had results, because I haven't been consistent I haven't gotten the results I really want. so here goes- 1. dream journal every morning. whether it's on the app or in a book, write down as much as you can. if you're in a time crunch (say you have work in the morning) write down the basic plot of the dream, then on a separate page write some details about the dream. 2. Self hypnosis about 3 times a week. Self hypnosis is a form of meditation that I do. I lay flat on my back and relax. then to clear my mind I imagine I'm walking down steps and count backwards from ten. at the bottom of the steps I imagine a plain room with a comfy couch in the middle, and I go and sit on this couch. here I say simple and clear affirmations like "I remember my dreams." "I am lucid." "I am calm." "I am in control." when I'm done I calmly and slowly get off the couch and count up to 10 while walking back up the steps. 3. WILD twice a week. Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming (WILD) is a fairly well known technique that's easy to look up, so I won't explain it here. For me this is a hit or miss thing. I need a good amount of practice before it actually works for me.