Date: 8/2/2017

By sum

I was with a touring group visiting Mexico, my group was somewhere in a slightly flooded swamp area. But there were huge trees everywhere. I talked with the tour guide a lot while we travelled on a bridge to keep our feet dry from the water. At one point, the bridge ended and we had to swing from rope to rope so as not to fall in the shallow water. We finally all made it up to the higher bridge and I looked down at a girl. She had beautiful brown hair and brown eyes, around my age, she was sitting with her backside resting on her calves with her palms on her knees. She looked up at me. I remember that the area seemed so familiar to me in my dream. Then it cuts to the tour guide dropping our group off at the airport to head back home. There were only a few minutes left to get to the flight but I quickly ran to thank the tour guide, I don't know why but I felt close to him.