Date: 8/23/2017

By Sio

I recently moved to another city, and I had this massive crush for someone at my school... the dream started with me giving my goodbyes to everyone. he was standing in the corner staring at the floor waiting patiently to say goodbye to me, after everyone left he slowly approached me and I asked him for hug, he smiled and said let me show you something he hugged me tightly and squeezed me while he said is this the first time someone does this to you? Our eyes locked and he gave a small kiss on the cheek then I started to kiss his neck passionately and gave him a kiss on his lips, after that he stopped smiled and walked away. I was really happy so I went outside and lay on the floor thinking about what just happened. Then I hear his voice approaching as he talks to a friend and also lays on the grass.. he calls my name and he takes me to the garage and he confesses his love for me while kissing me passionately and we walk up to the couch as he gently puts a pillow there and pushes me to the couch.. then he grabs a blanket and he covers us... he pulls out his dick and playfully says my name. He puts the tip in slowly and we both moan,then he just fucks me really hard until we both cum. (Then I woke up)