Date: 8/7/2019

By whirring

we were on an overcrowded family trip of some sort, and i was displeased with the sleeping arrangements. my solution was to kill one of the very old members of the family so that i could have his bed? but all of the old people were sleeping in the living or dining room, in uncomfortable-looking arrangements. walking from the hallway thru the living room to the kitchen to get water - as somehow i was going to kill an old person with just water - the old people were asleep, but all sleep-talking or making other strange noises, and i think at least one had their eyes open (but i knew she was asleep anyway). i got my cup of water, took a drink myself because i was thirsty, and left it by my great-grandpa, who would presumably manage to drown himself with it in the night, and went back to bed. in the morning, my great-grandma, his wife, who has a very bad memory, turned to my mom and asked her, "why'd you do it, [name]?" and she looked at her in a humoring, questioning way, and my gma said, "why'd you kill [gpa]?" my mother looked striken, and i was immediately on edge. i dont think his death had been discovered yet, and i was suddenly terrified - somehow i had miscalculated and believed her to be asleep when she hadnt been, and she had seen me murder her husband, unable to do anything about it. luckily, she did not actually remember who did it, or perhaps hadnt seen my clearly in the first place and was only guessing at my mom. despite this i worried her accusation would tip the family off that it had not been an accident, and a full fledge investigation would occur, at which point - i remembered there were cameras set up throughout the house, including the living room. after i realized this, i began to really panic, so much so that i actually woke myself up from the sheer horror that i had well and truly fucked up and ruined my life.