Don't do drugs

Date: 4/18/2017

By Tati52

(I've never took any drugs before) I had dreamed that I took a ecstasy pill with my friends I thought it was going to make me cool or something like fit in. but when I tell yall it was the worst experience I've ever had in my life! I was real life acting stupid. One minute I was ok then the next minute I'm flipping out . I was hearing voices, I was dizzy asf, I kept looking up at the ceiling, I was paranoid! My heart rate increased, I was crying for it to stop. I'm like "yall make it stop, PLEASE" my BestFriend gon say "girl you'll be Ight" I'm like "please call 911 or something" I'm just right there crying my eyes out! then I woke up confused . But I don't know if that's the real harmful effects that's going to happen to you if you take the pill in real life. But that's what my brain thought when I took the pill so yeahhh DONT DO ANY DRUGS.