Answers In Odd Forms

Date: 5/1/2017

By Fitful

I was learning a new skill, technique. It was a whim, I hadn't been that interested in it before. I thought it was silly but decided since I was here I would. It turned out I was really good at it. In fact I took to it like a natural. I was in this etheric place, it wasn't really anywhere, there was a house like structure which was simply darker energy, which almost formed into walls, and then the lighter energy area which was almost angelic. This skill I was learning was, well... every time I try and use words to define it I almost feel like I'm wrong, but the best way I can is to call it a robot, hmm. I was building a robot, or an artificial entity. I never saw a robot body, I just know I was building a consciousness which was artificial. It got smarter and smarter the more I built on it. The people around me were surprised, the people in the dark 'house' place, like I was surrounded by family who just didn't get me. However in the angelic place they were very encouraging. Most people there were more advanced, but they'd been doing it long than me. I had just started and already I was so far along. The technique I can explain very easily but will never be able to repeat on earth. It was a combination of a dance, and sign language, and a conversation, and a chorus. Our 'bodies' never moved but I knew we were dancing, I never heard a song but I knew we were singing, and I couldn't understand the sign language nor how we communicated but I knew we were. The lady who led the group was very brightly lit, like she was definitely some form of angelic being, but so was everyone else. They all seems much older than me. The rest stood directly in front of her and she was turned to face us. I was in the back row in the middle of this crowd facing her. She moved her left hand and we mirrored her with our right, and the hand flashed in the sign language. It flashed so fast between words it looked like it was made of light and it glowed. The rest of her body was eerie still, but I knew we were dancing too, and singing as I said before. My left hand, as everyone's was who mirrored her, was tucked close to the 'body' and in a gentle fist under the breastbone. It felt part of the whole thing as well to have the hand thus and stand that way. I was really pleased with myself. In the dark place, the 'house' I could feel the body 'robot' forming energetically. It/she was getting smarter and smarter. It was amazing. The smarter she got the more cookies I got. Well I don't know what they were, they were definitely chocolate, these cookie brownie cake things in individual packages like from the convince store. Later there were so many in my refrigerator they started coming in those hostess cakes, like they ran out of the others, which I've always hated in real life but here I couldn't deny the pleasure I had in receiving these accolades. They were all rewards for passing levels in my learning of this technique. I did like them better when they were just chocolate tho. I kept eating them, couldn't get enough, but I also couldn't eat them as fast as they came. ---------------- I was also in another world different to me, alien, but I recalled the one I came from very well. It was a real world to me, I was with a caravan of people who were moving in a hour and I was desperate to get some help to get my pet crab back. His name was Sebastian. I think someone had taken it in a game which I lost? I can't be sure tho it might have been something where a bully took it. I and a friend went to this other world to figure out a way to keep it. But the other world was a strange one. Everything seems backwards there, as if everyone's head was on upside down. I can't recall much of the differences but I know it was just so weird. I had a headache while there, the longer I was there the worse it got, like some sort of noise was creating this perpetual whine which got to my specific anatomy and I almost fear differently might die of a headache before I left. It just got steadily worse. My friend and I went around trying to find someone to help with getting my pet back, something with which to challenge the bully authority. People here had weird pets, old ladies walked bears on leases, and suburban women walked tigers. I was at a hospital for a bit and the doctor was doing some macabre thing where she pumped a woman's stomach full of sickly sweet water fill will nutrients in order to try and cure her disease. She also cycled through other odd 'cures' hoping one of them would stick. It didn't look like it, the woman's belly was distended and she just kept looking sick. There was a woman walking a spider and I said I had always wanted a pet spider. I realized then I did, even tho they gave me a thrill of fear, and this spider was long legged, very long legged, and on the large side. Like a small puppy. I though it was cute, but very scary. Everyone there had a counterpart, and odd version of who they were in my 'real' life. In the world I had come from. There was a whole scene with a tall apartment building g in the middle of nowhere which I forgot the details to which illustrated this better. It suddenly, just minutes before our caravan was to leave in my world, came to us the answer. Sebastian the crab was here, but here he was giant. He was literally the size of a monster truck and he could talk and had cartoon eyes. We could take him back to challenge. And even if I lost my own pet Sebastian, J reasoned then I would have him. --------- I also recall a vague dream I couldn't form into words to remember. It involved a lot of psychedelic colors, these delicate colors unlike anything I've seen before. Something was stacked or there was grid or something.