wedding puppy

Date: 11/2/2016

By stefdrms

We were planning to go to a wedding. Someone in my boyfriends family . He kept reminding me to make sure to talk to his mom a lot or she'd get upset. We were in a spacious RV. It had seating throughout the middle and a bed in the back. On the sides it had salon like mirrors with lighting. I remember trying to get ready in my prom like dress then coming to a stop. We walked by into this plaza then into a school. The school had an upstairs and we were standing upstairs by the banister holding my dog. My dog fell to the second step. I panicked and ran down stairs and was just hysterical. I picked her up to notice. Swollen eye and some cuts. I said we need to go to the vet and my boyfriend wanted me to take her while he went to the wedding. I was livid at the idea and didn't understand how he could not want to stay with our puppy.