Date: 8/14/2017

By tyleearnold

I had a dream that an invisible force was terrorizing the world. not like torturing, but like you would be driving down the street and a demon would be driving the car in front of you and suddenly put it in reverse and drive into you as fast as he could type of thing. I dreamt that everything possible was happening with these demons, and they would constantly get you out of nowhere. I also remember hugging one, it was a little toddler demon. But; it was nonetheless a demon, so it was still evil. So I remember hugging it, trying to seem all sweet and cute, but my real motive was to try and scare it. So, I did the only thing you can do to scare a demon. I started praying out loud. I was using the word Jesus as many times as i could, casting fear out. And right as I started praying, it pushed itself out of my "hug" and ran around screaming and crying, in fear. But wait, how could the source of fear itself be afraid? I dont know. But this dream was high key creepy as crap. It ran around crying and screaming, bc even the mention of Jesus Christ sends demons into a spiraling pit of fear. I remember later walking in a really nice gown/ dress, I dont remember exactly which. But then as I was walking, I felt a tap on my shoulder, that felt like a human's tap, was supposed to feel like a humans tap or at least give the false impression that it was a humans tap. But I knew better, and I knew it was a demon. So I turned around and gave it a big smile and said, "yes, Lucifer?" when i turned around it was white and glowy and dressed/ disguised as an angel. I remember knowing it was a disguise, but I dont remember how I knew. I guess bc apparently the whole world was being terrorized, me specifically. I remembered it tried to open its mouth to talk to me (when I turned around and said yes) but right before it could speak I said "do you remember when God himself kicked you out of Heaven?" and right there it screamed a death scream really loudly and disappeared into thin air. Also at some point in this dream I remember realizing/ becoming aware that these were the last days, and the Rise of the AntiChrist was about to begin, and he was just getting the world prepared for his reign of terror. So I remember every demon case becoming normal to me. I think thats all