wedding, frogs, weird

Date: 8/13/2017

By marti

We were at a bar/restaurant for our wedding (me and joe)...for some reason there was a frog... walking out there was a bulletin board in the vestibule that had a poster of Jurassic 5.. showing a tour date for detroit.. september 8... the poster also had frogs on it. Leaving Joe rode with someone else... I got into a convertible with 3 of the groomsmen... we were driving and listening to music.. then a big box truck jack knived in front of us and a naked man rolled out of the cab... and ran.. the police came sirens blazing, and we realized that the naked man was another groomsmen... the guys took off their matching vests and said it's nor safe they will think we are all like that. We kept driving... we got to my neighborhood and a house on the corner had a big bay window.. we could see a wedding reception happening there and then another car of my wedding guests crashed into the window on purpose.. an older woman in the car got out and startws boarding up the window... we kept going, when we got to my house it was quiet and then I woke up.