The new job, meeting new friends, tiding custom make bmx uo the hill ,thefox that howls like a wolf and on the run in Philippines

Date: 6/9/2017

By JimmyN I'm sitting and at a job interview, I get the job despite my prior crim history. but then the next day I have to work but used drugs, I'm told I'm not aloud in to work but to go home get sleep and come back in. I'm happy because I have been given a second chance. 2.OK next I'm with a old friend we are meeting up with some chic with her group of friends they are all younger, which I find a little uncomfortable. Two of the other girls like me, but I I'm not interested in one of I chat with the blokes and then we are going some where together I'm on my bike riding up this hill, the bike has extended front chrome Falks, well the entire bike is silver/chrome. 3. I'm standing on siđe balking of my house, those friends earlier are across the road. i see in a distance and orange Fox, but this fox is the size of a wolf and he sees me, smile and runs toward me, runs uo to me jumos uo to kiss me. thrn i sit with him he start howing like a wolf and i howls with him. the other new friends i jyst me were excited to me my friendly fix wolf. 4. Now I'm working as an agent in small team we follow someone to the shopping centre then we have hand to hand combat, the chici has a 2 foot blade on her that can through concrete I duck and weave a few times the wonder off around the shops, i steal some coconut juice from a shop, i drink it and it taste like passion im back at the fight seen and no one is there, i get call from my mate we are now running do2n some back allies to 3 scape, now in one sc3nario w3 go through this door and i hide up against some wall. but bam! im back in the alley way again.and the chopper in the sky has spotted me and landed. we are all pulled up with gun point at us, on of the girls i met earlier is a police officer, i ask for a hug and hand cuffs anđ she appproaches me with open arms. thrn im in the barvk of the 4x4 and we are talking about how and why i keep getting in trouble with the law in my waking life, and that i appear to be easily infuenc3d by others and i chooose better friends.