Uchiha drug lord

Date: 8/19/2017

By Ottocat

I was new at being a drug lord and I needed to get some weapons. An old man gave me some knitting needles which could apparently kill somebody. I was also a member of the uchiha clan, and got it tattooed on my neck. (It's a naruto reference.) I was sent off to kill someone, and I hid in a Prius when the authorities came because they had laser Indra kill robots or something. Then a detective entered my car and didn't know I was a drug lord. She helped me get away. I was driving a Nissan. And sasuke was following me yelling Ni san!! Then itachi flipped the car over and I had to fight him. He used ameterasu and I was engulfed in forever burning black flames, but then I yelled and they disappeared. (Which is impossible) I summoned a horse that was black and white, and it trampled itachi to the ground. I felt bad because he almost died, and i didn't even have to use my sharingan. So I went bed, and I woke up with the horses head bleeding on my bed. And a note from itachi. Then he used his mangeko sharingan and I was so scared that I woke up.