Dolly Parton interrupts my hot Date.

Date: 2/28/2019

By oniclown

I met this beautiful girl through Instagram dm. We talked a lot and we had a lot in common. We both really liked ketchup and cuddling and human interaction. She texted me about how she had a horrible rib injury and couldn’t do much as well. I told her to meet me at my house, and when she arrived, I was absolutely in love. I wanted to cuddle and kiss her but she couldn’t because of how much her ribs hurt when I got too close. So we just kept looking at our faces and embracing how beautiful we both were. Unfortunately, I had accidentally stepped on her toe and her toenail nearly fell apart. I felt ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE ! I was so apologetic and she said that she was okay but I still felt absolutely horrible. While i was in the middle of that, Dolly Parton came out of nowhere. She grabbed my four fingers and shoved it in her mouth. And sang a creepy song. I WOULD have been aroused because I’m weird and into that shit,,,,but instead I was scared because she had shark teeth and I thought she was going to bite my fingers off...not to mention I am not attracted to Dolly Parton in any way. At this point in the dream, it was obvious that Dolly Parton hated my guts because I immediately found out she had a tumblr account dedicated to killing me. An example of one of these posts was a picture of me with the caption written “d i e” and I was so frightened. Anyway, that’s the dream about how my beautiful date was interrupted by Dolly Parton trying to kill me.