Doctor Who in "The Birthplace of Life and the Deathbed of Death."

Date: 1/24/2019

By Jaymore

I spent a bunch of time running around UB, except the campus literally was a whole city. Marie worked there but she always in a tizzy that everyone went home for the snow and especially that the shops downstairs closed (oh yeah there were quite a few floors going down). She nearly fired me because I was trying to figure out her problem though. I go down to the B3rd floor at the request of Marie and Kevin, my boss, is working in his office. Some guy comes in asking if he remembers him and asking why he didn't help him. Apparently he was stuck in a time dilation on that floor and he kept getting older. He soon comes back with a gun and shoots Kevin. I'm desperately asking Kevin where the time machine on this floor is before he dies. There's also a ton of gold and silver coins on the floor down here and he tells me to follow them but that's too vague. Finally he realizes he's not going to die and shows me where. The Doctor shows up and she shows me not only how to get there, but tells me it's her TARDIS and I have to get inside. It's only a bit bigger, but I have the opportunity to decide where we're going. I place all this stuff on the dash of the controls and get us ready to go (she's antsy but I think it's because of the episode time limits) I finally navigate us to a place I call "The Birthplace of Life and the Deathbed of Death." It's a horribly dark and spooky town with black cats everywhere. We see a little girl and try to rescue her, but she purposely goes to "join the witches," meaning go join the black cats in a house. They make like they're attacking her but it's only so one of the cats can come for us and make a go for my blood. It gets it and seems to verbally record this. I try getting my show back on at this point - my shows have something to do with the angel/demon theme - but another cat is chasing me waiting for me to kick it as the Doctor and I run away. I say to her, "wait, isn't this also the land of light?" And we immediately go in search of the angels in this place. Then I wake up.