I swear he was there

Date: 3/17/2017

By Sammi9kh

My sister and I were on a walk and found a dog in need of rescue. While we're tending to him two dogs come up to us I look up and its my dog chief who passed three years ago. With him is a dog I can't see but I know he's happy cause he has four legs again. Chef hugs me as he used to do when he was alive and I FEEL him, as if he had never left, his fur, his breath, his weight. We lay down right in this driveway and snuggle. He's so excited to see me and I him I can't describe how real it feels. My sister and I take the rescue dog and the other two home and I look into chefs bed and he's laying with bogart. My uncles Pitbull who also passed three years ago, who lost his leg as a puppy and in the dream had all four.