trip to Funland

Date: 4/11/2017

By figen

I don't remember the full dream, just bits and pieces. I was in some shop. There were lots of weird things, like lava lamp type stuff. Someone gave me a ticket to Funland, which I guess is a chuck e cheese type place, but really big. I kind of wanted to go, but I thought I was too old. So I gave the ticket to my friend Later I was at a big pond, on a small grassy island in the center. The water was almost completely transparent. There were weird serpent things swimming around in the water, and when I got in they chased me to try and eat me. I found that if I did a dive going in, I'd have enough speed to out swim the serpents. Later I was in Funland. My friends were having a great time. We were all sitting at a long table. I knew I couldn't do anything, because it would be really expensive without a ticket. I regretted giving away my ticket.