Date: 6/7/2017

By lochnessie93

i had this dream that i was with a guy friend, idk who yet. its possible that it was just some guy i have yet to meet cause i cant recall a name or a description really other than dark hair. anywho i was house sitting for this older lady for the first ( really the second time cause ive had this similar dream before). i was watching her two dogs. she left. it was an oddly decorated house. very victorian. with slim halls and weird doors that led to nowhere. i was looking at all the fish she had and i realized i had been there before.. i told my friend we had to find a way out or stay alive until the morning. as if on cue the lady came back as a weird dark demonic witch type thing. kinda of like the witch from left for dead. so we had to run around like scooby doo trying to dupe this monster. until eventually the sun came up and she transformed back into a normal human being