Unknown Space Adventure

Date: 5/17/2017

By Unisai

This dream was weird. And long. So first we were living our lives out of the Milky Way. At first I asked if we were at Saturn but then dismissed it because the sun/light source was to close and bright. I walked around and noticed that a belt of asteroids was close. My friend and family was there me they showed me, what I'm assuming was their house, it was big and they got a new cat. They put it in a tank of water for some reason. The cat was kinda like some frogs we have now. Can stay under a long time, but has to go up for air. My mom told us that we could take a mini trip to a tiny civilization on a platform above us. There was no flying up there or elevators that I can remember but I am assuming we flew. We arrive up there and people we're there. My moms friend was asking a person to make some art that looked more sad. The person drew and colored it within seconds. There was a weird portal next to them. It was almost split in half. One was sunny, had a pastel yellow sky with dark blue/ purple shadows and the other half was night, it had the same dark blue/purple as the sky and a darker purple as shadows for objects. We were told not to look in the dark on so I looked in the light one, it was getting darker. An elder said not to look in there anymore because it was getting dark. The boy, previously painting, asked the man if it was night yet. The man looked and started to scream and move. Someone yelled something incoherent, but in my mind they said some demon or something possessed the man and that the only thing keeping him from there platform were the portals. The man took his head out from the portal and looked in shock. Everyone else did too. He said that the demon thing (it had a weird gibberish name) should have used his head as a transition into the world. The man was then taken over and weird gelatin started to come from his mouth. People ran to get there bags and items. Everyone jumped of the ledge falling, I grabbed two of my familiar bags and jumped with my friend. Once we were close enough to the ground we pulled a cord and floated down to the surface of what was home. I went back up and no one was there, completely empty. I took the time to gaze out into the sky to see what was out there. On closer examination of the strip of asteroids I noticed that they were planets instead, sort of. I fell back down to home. We were having a weird party. My mom handed me a nice black featheryish dress, and for some reason my brain said it was her wedding dress. People stared to come out of a back room wearing princess and prince related dresses or other wear. We were dancing and then we were all in a basketball stadium watching them try and play. Simplynessa was there and she was Meg from Hercules. She won the thing and I went off to look for info of where we are. I found out that we've only been to 3/47 planets 27/370 asteroids and seen a few suns. There was no info of where we were. I decided to go out and explore the planets and learn where we are in the universe, which galaxy, etc. I took a friend and we went to a planet that had a town closely resembling a town near ours in real life. There was a thing were if I go to fast something will happen, something will get us. She and I got into a car and got spotted by locals but they didn't care. They looked like humans. The colour pallet of this world was dark green for grass and dark brown for my car and the trees. Everything was a yellow too. I went very slow but fast enough to even move efficiently. I'm guessing I went a good speed because no alert about it popped up. After that I went up a hill but lost control when I got to the top from going so fast. I spun out and landed in a parking lot next to a church. Two ladies came up to my window. I rolled it down and they asked for my car ID. I gave them a "car ID" and my current school ID. They have them back and said they would follow us to our destination. We lied and said that we were just going to the gas station. We were driving and we got to a train track. The car went onto the tracks and started to drive off. I thought it was perfect thinking we got away. Randomly a car comes and says too predictable we are. It was the laddies. We take a turn and a splash of water takes us out and they said predictable again. Then I woke up.