rudest dad ever

Date: 2/17/2017

By mchairs2020

My dad, mom, brother and I were all at a huge football game. My mom and dad got in a fight or something I guess so they were mad at each other for the whole day. We spent the whole day in the city where the football game was until the football game started. When we had to leave back to our house my mom and dad were still mad at each other and my dad didn't want to walk home with us and show us how to get home. I guess he wanted us to see that we needed him or something. We all had roller skates on and that was our transportation back home. My dad was like a block ahead of us and I had to help my mom and my brother because they weren't the best roller skaters. It was really annoying. No matter how loud we called out for my dad to help us, he wouldn't. We finally found this girl that we had met earlier in the day and she let us share a taxi to get home. We passed my dad up but he didn't know that we were in the car. Then I felt bad because it was dark outside and my dad had to find his way home all alone. In the beginning I was mad at my dad because he wasn't helping us, but afterwards I felt guilty because I wasn't helping him. Life lesson there.