School audition

Date: 8/25/2017

By kake00

The dream starts and I'm at school and the pop choir auditions are going on. I'm with my friends and a few leave to go to different classes but me and one person go to the auditions and see a few people we know and we hear people sing. We spend time at the auditions and we are doing some and just chilling. I leave with my friend kleja and she is talking to me when we see a very old nun and literally almost a skeleton and I go and I help her cus she is almost dying and I tell her to be rejuvenated and her hair grows back and have has like no more rankles. At this point I'm figuring out it's a dream. I take a giant jump across the parking lot and count my fingers... I still have 5 I'm confused. I look around at the dream scape so I'm certain it's a dream, and I take another giant hop almost like I'm flying and while in air try and put my finger through my hand. As this happened everything is getting a little unstable but I can't seem to put it back together and as I wake up I had turned and saw a lot of hills almost like a golf range.