Movie Makers

Date: 8/3/2017

By drunchee

Me and alllll of my classmates are in a warehouse with a wintery set setup, like a play. I'm the director and creator of whatever film we're doing. Mr Rose and Mr Helmstetter are supervising. It becomes night, and we're all sleeping over at the warehouse. Mr H. and Mr R. somehow quickly set up tons of unique beds and sleeping areas. Each bed is a little bit different. Brody's is next to Naya, whose next to Allie. So Brody is seperated from Allie by Naya which is good, cuz IRL I don't like Brody texting Allie cuz he's a fuck boy. Anyhow, so everyone's bed is cool. I find mine. It's like a car seat with coushions. NOT suitable for the director! Somehow I know this is Mr Helmstetters way of saying, Hey, we don't think you're always funny, Drew. So I end up taking my cushions out of the seat and laying them flat on these steps sorta thing, like bleachers. For some reason an older lady is sitting beside me. I ask her if it's okay that I rearranged my bed and she said she thinks so. She was nice. The ware house is a huge, empty, dark room by the way. I had a dream awhile back, where all my classmates were sleeping in a warehouse and some beds were above ground, just like in this dream. Weird. So before falling asleep, I see Blake by Allie's bed, talking to her. Instantly jealous cuz IRL Blake always acts like he likes Allie. But then he leaves for his own bed, one that isn't a car seat. Smh.