Date: 3/14/2017

By weasleysprincess

I was in a new home and kept looking over to a friends house, friends sister in law had just given birth. So could see blue baby pram outside her house. I then see 2 homeless men, I thought they were going to come and rob me. So I ran out the flat as fast as I could, across the street to my friends house. But as I get to the house I realise it's not her house. The pram is gone, and the homeless people (who are now tramps) are chasing me. I text Darlene to see if she's free for dinner and to meet at 11.30am (even though it's later) I run into the house with the pram that was outside. I continue to shout "hello is anyone home" until someone comes down stairs. I asked the woman if she took the pram in because she saw the tramps out side and she said yes, it was her granchilds. She kept telling me I needed to go back to the flat with food - a Burger King. But she said she would walk me out incase i got attacked. But then all these street teenagers come in and sit in the hall so I slip out to a restaurant to meet darlene. I get there and can't find her. So order potato wedges, but the waitress bring them over and i see darlene, and explain everything. She knows the house i was talking about. then we meet sarah who's just been for a bra measurement and she said "the measurer said oh my god! Your boobs are so big they could poke someone's eye out!" She can't breath for laughing!! My wedges are freezing so I sent them back and I'm so annoyed at how cold my food is!!!