Soulful imagination

Date: 5/20/2017

By guido38

There was more before this I don't remember . Happens like that way too often . But I was at this grocery store it looked like sams club kind of warehouse like . Idk who I was with but I was with another kid my age and I guess a legal guardian . Then this old lady walked up and I hugged her tight but she wasn't too pleased to see me though . Got a real omg this little shit kind of look and I guess she had to watch me . So me and the other sibling by which mind you I didn't recognize got a bungee cord one you would put in the back of a pick up truck but it was more like a strap looking seatbelt . It was funny it was like the old lady was pulling us at high speeds because we were sliding really fast holding on to the strap and it was wrapped around her . And we were really sliding like we had a surf board and we were parasailing from the back of a speed boat or something . So we're sliding past and around and over and under obstacles you would find at a grocery store all while holding on to this old lady . Then I let go and I saw her stumble off balance but keeping pace and we caught up to her in line . Of course I hugged her tightly some more . And looked back at someone else in line . At sams everything is bulk and whole sale so they have huge carts and flatbed dollies. Anyway I saw this dude behind us in line and he had a big slab of stone might of been limestone or granite idk looked like it was from a desert . I guess it was for his yard . It had a saint on it and it was in detail like a mirror image from stained glass . Then I guess I went home and got online because i was looking at underground ruins I guess that were from around the world . It was like secluded hills and mountains and then you would see a little entrance . It was all from a distant view like google earth or something . And that's pretty much it