Train to the party 22.8.17

Date: 8/23/2017

By MeddlingGoat

I was in a small backyard. Looked something like Kez's. It was getting dark. I was trimming a huge weed plant and was about to harvest it. Started snipping the branches and noticed that some of the buds haven't finished flowering and kinda looked like pods/bulbs (something like before a flower starts to bloom). And because they haven't finished, the crystals weren't sticky so everytime i touched the bud, the crystals would start pouring out of it like sand. Next thing, my phone goes off, it was a message from Chedo, saying 'I'm on my way.". I completely forgot that we were going to a party and wasn't ready. Next scene we're inside on the couch. I heard the front door open "It must be Lina, we can go now" i said. She didn't get time to change because we had to leave straight away. We jumped in the car then Su said "OK this is the plan. We drive to the closest train station to the party. Leave the car there, catch the train back home to get changed and ready, then take the train back to the party. And this way we can drive back home when the party is over." We looked at her in confusion and said "Well this doesn't make sense, does it?". Second dream. I was in a small shop with dimmed lights. I saw a studio light stand with two large white diffusers and two black diffusers on it for some reason. I asked the guy how much it was. He said something like $61. I really wanted to get it because it was the same price as online.