The effects of weed

Date: 6/28/2017

By Jadders

On a normal day of work. I went upstairs to the staff room to have my lunch break. I walked in to see 4 member of staff all huddled round a table. They had a Tupperware box, inside it was a few different boxes of tea. The last box of tea was stamped as out of date, and that's where they hid the weed. They then realised I was there, and to stop me grassing up on them they offered me some. As we weren't allowed to smoke in the building, we put the weed in hot water to make our own tea. The first special cup of tea I had, it had no effects. As I went to make the second tea of weed, a member of management came in and see all of us hidding something.. We tried to get rid of her by telling her we was doing a surprise for her birthday.. Her birthday had already been and gone but she still believed it.. Within my 30min break I had drunk so many weed teas I lost count. One after another, if I wasn't feeling anything I'd have another. It wasn't until I had to start working again it all hit me at once. I was jumping through locations without knowing how I got there.. First I was on the stairs at my nans, while everyone around me were decorating, I couldn't move. I got hit in the face with a can of paint and then I was sat in a restaurant. I was given a cold ice tea with weed.. I couldn't move to drink it so someone force it down my throat. While I was sat there a fight broke out. I then see a reaper appear and it seemed I was the only who could see it. The reaper went to go a stab someone the same time someone else did. It was as if it was just checking the person was dead I guess.. The FBI then turned up raiding the place. The reaper just sat down next to me and stared at me through the whole thing. Then after the FBI had finished with everyone else, they all turned to me. The reaper just smiled at me while the FBI shouted and pointed guns at me. The reaper then stood up and stood just in front of the FBI, still smiling, and dived into my chest. I felt as if I was pushed to the back of my own body. The reaper took control of me and completely squashed and killed all the agents. Then left my body. I fell to my knees in the blood filled floor. The police arrived as back up to help out but it was too late. As they entered the door I feel though the bloody puddle and was under water with no way back.