Date: 7/14/2017

By 17coakleyl

We were in a teachers classroom and there was a cubbord with coke and candy and stuff so we took some and drank it with ice. Then we were in another room about to do soemthing but lily couldn't do it because of her head. Also we were at this thug in the cape and there were Giant markings that were swimming right by me and a sub flush and Thomas was there either his headphones and then there was this Egyptian prinlcess that was attacheted to a pyramid and I accentely hurt her and I couldn't they up the sand but Sophie could. Then I was floating around. Turns out Malina has a huge crush on julia that we didn't know about. We were at the parking lot placrstoreand Luke was buying stuff to become president and then he was makin a fake and licking it off me. Jake was also there with Toby. We went into the store through the school and sadhus was there making fun of the raiders. I Waldo was in Mali as back years cape hour and was in the garden waiting for my mom also helped do the dishes. She came out and we talked about plants. We were then All at an outdoor Market place and were getting candy. Th men mr bateman started agame with me on Reddit.