Date: 6/25/2019

By anri319

I was wearing an old jumpsuit with patches and blots of oil. The air was blurred with white steam and the sky was gray, it was gloomy. Next to me was a girl, in her twenties, long hair and silent. She was my partner, we survived together. Things was like in the world war II: steamed machines, the ruins, the smoke and the bombs. Everyone here were players, and there were also NPCs. But i supposed NPCs refer to "people" that were strong and belonged to the system. While we struggled to survive, the NPCs were smarter and obviously knew what should be done. But apparently, no one knew their purposes, why were they here given the will of their own and could favor any player they like. Each player was given some equipment as a "starter pack" in the beginning of the game and among those, what caught my eyes was a zippo, the shape and colors could vary from one another. Mine was made of clear material so i could see the liquid inside, it was clear rusty yellow color. Same for my partner, but hers was blood red. As the game progressed, i quickly understood something, the zippo given to each of us was not just something to light a cigarette. But it was something more, like a certification of ability. Me and my partner were at a fortress ruin. The place had been reinforced with fences and landmines, but we managed our way in. The game we were participating was closer to the end and it was time for us to chose a side. This fortress belonged to one of the most powerful group in the game and they were currently having a "small" civil war. Therefore i believed they needed new blood. I used my best ability to chose the perfect timing for our presence and it was worth it. I opened my zippo as the begining and it was wild. A huge flame came out, burned everything in its way. The flame was too strong, it lighted up the whole area and formed a "small" sun above my head. I could hear people in the surrounding shouted out in fear. I seemed to be mistaken for NPC by now. My presence has completely interrupted the flow of the battle and it was just the start. My partner also started to make her move, she flicked the zippo and it was all red after that. My power was strong and all but everything has its price. The Zippo was drained faster and i knew. When the flame died out, i was caught by a general named Bao Sun, the leader of the coup. But he could not kill me, because my partner, she was the only player with two zippo. While Bao Sun was busy dodging her attacks, i slipped out the zippo from my poket and it did not take long for us to restrain him. We handed Bao Sun over to the group and the leader invited us inside for a talk. I gladly agreed and we followed him. I had a feeling this cooperation would be good.