tent in a house

Date: 7/25/2017

By This1LuckyGuy

so in my dream, I'm driving. as I've fine a million times. I wonder if the fact that I'm often driving in real life influences the frequencyof this...anyway, I'm driving or riding my bike often. so, what I recall is meeting with Kurt and the guys and Kurt fires Jackson. he says him and Randy will hold it down. what is most vivid to me is the tent on the roof that was either collapsed or not pitched. either way, it was hanging off the roof and I pulled it the rest of the way down, but I had to stop because there was a metal space heater and an alarm clock that were connected with electrical wires that I did not want to pull down and damage. I was in my old neighborhood, on Hondo by the Allsups. I recall being worried that they would fall and electrocute me because of the water on the ground.