Weirdness Ensues

Date: 8/2/2017

By victoriamwrites

I had a dream about a chicken that laid lemons. That Hunter was some kind of gaming hero and Kidd led him to believe he was on the cover of a magazine but really it was a cartoon version of the Joker. I was excited to go to a wedding because of dice. And we watch this TV show and this girl had a pink leopard print artist and I said everytime I see a rectangular long being like that I think it's the tardis. Then, I had a dream that I went to the goodwill outlet with Beth and Mom. I ran into some people from HS that I didn't like. I had picked out like on thing, then this woman who worked there came up to me and told me the store was about to close and that I had to leave. I started picking things out super fast. I needed those things, nay, I deserved those things! Then I lost my family. Also, Beth tried to buy a gaint plastic minion that opened like an Easter egg?