Mr. Astral

Date: 3/12/2017

By nexus

aw man this one was probably my favorite, so I was in my bed trying to astral project and it took like two attempts since I would always either move on accident or something else would interrupt me, but on the third try it worked, I was already out of my body and I was in a familiar place but yet it was super different like it had parts to it that I remember but the scenery was really diverse I was really just enjoying the world this time I was running super fast beside cars and jumping super high than I tried to fly and it really worked the feeling was like nothing before, to float up like fifty feet looking at the side of a building and feeling the gravity around you as you are suspended in mid air is just awe inspiring and than the g-force feeling like when your going down on a roller coaster as you fall back down to the grown took me by surprise it actually felt like I was falling. after me testing all the stuff I wanted to I just kept on flying around and then doing flips and running so when I was done playing around I try to go to a different place by like teleporting to a different dimension but I guess I did it wrong and ended up flying back into my body and coming back into this world.