Space: The Some what final frontier

Date: 3/30/2019

By egarza2346

It started with me and some people that I know were at some sort of national park in the future and we were looking for something but I have no idea what it was. I remember ending up in a old house with this guy who looked like Jeff Goldblum and some lady. We were looking around and all of a sudden the house started floating. I remember that feeling of panic as I saw the ground get farther and farther away. As I was looking out the window, I realized that none of us had the proper space gear. So I’m panicking wishing I could’ve talked to my family before I left. A few moments later, I see a planet in the distance. It reminded me of Jupiter but just different colors. It was more of a purple and green instead the famous rusty orange color it has. As we got closer to the planet, I could see the surface. It looked a lot like a Minecraft game. As we got closer I then realized it was a Minecraft world. As soon as I realized what it looked like, the dream transitions to me and my family at a beach during a very cloudy day. As we were walking, my uncle turns to me and tells me that usually around this time there’s a big duck float at the end of the beach and I had told him that a beach in Corpus Christi has the same one (this floating duck thing has appeared in another dream I didn’t log). So he was super excited to go see it. We start getting closer to the duck and all of a sudden, we ended back at my uncles RV which was parked at some national park (not the same one as the beginning). I walked in the RV and my mom was looking for her phone. I tried helping her find it and she just told me to go back to the cabin. So I walk out of the RV and I asked my uncle if I could borrow it sometime, and as soon as I said it, the dream transitioned again (sort of). Now I was in my schools old gym and we had a volleyball game. I remember one of my friends asking for help with serving and I noticed her shirt said something. It was pink and it was like a charro days shirt he had made with red and green print. I asked her about it and she said she just got back from work and they had to do some stories out there. The game eventually started and it was a tie between us and some people I didn’t know. After the game, we all went into this big cabin and just had a party. I remember taking my fiancé and he was super excited because he was gonna hang out with my friends (who I still hang out with irl). I was with my friend with the charro days shirt and she was talking to me about this guy and I kept telling her just to go with what her instant feeling was and not to think about it too much. I then told her I went to space and as soon as she was about to ask why I went, our old friend came up to us and said she needed our help. As I was walking to the back of the cabin, I see my best friend and she tells me that she’s starting to feel super drunk and I told her just to take it easy for a while and that I had been doing it and I felt fine again. She said okay. So I told her I could go for some Bacardi and Gatorade and the guys at the table behind me all yelled “BACARDI AND GATORADE??!?!????” And I told them yes that it was super good. I then walked towards my old friend and she was asking for advice for her wedding and after all the advice we gave her, she just said “well it’s okay none of this matters” And then I woke up feeling happy.