Me & Ashley’s Powers

Date: 3/10/2019

By coliemarie

In my dream me and Ashley both were at this big warehouse looking at different mattresses and massage chairs. We kept sitting on the different chairs and mattresses and enjoying the free massages. Then we realized that there was an entrance to a hotel. The hotel seemed to be abandoned so we’re going in and out of rooms opening drawers and exploring. We kept finding chocolate everywhere. Chocolate out of wrappers and chocolates that were in wrappers. White chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, all kinds of chocolates. We figured since there is so many chocolates that the hotel was still being used. We left one of the rooms and there was a Indian man in the hallway who started walking towards us and opening his arms as if he wanted a hug or wanted to grab one of us... We felt unsure about the man so we started backing away and he started walking towards us faster. We started running through the hallways of the hotel and there are many people walking out of the rooms and coming towards us. We tried to leave through the front door and they are telling us we can never get out we can never escape. They were laughing at us as if we were hostages in this hotel for the rest of our lives. Somehow we ended up escaping and flying off into the sky. This is when he realized we have powers. We flew into the night sky, high above the city. We looked back and saw that one of the people from the hotel were flying after us. Then we were able to shoot balls of ice and fire towards the person that was chasing us out of the palms of our hands. They back off and we were free from that place for good! Then it jumped to me and Ashley being out for dinner with her parents. I was telling them about this crazy dream I had (how me and Ashley had super powers) .... Ashley was talking about the tattoo she’s getting of her zodiac sign and that her dad is spotting her the 700 dollars cash for it. Then I woke up.