Halloween Randomness in India

Date: 8/25/2017

By toxxicduck

I'm remembering this dream in jumbles so I am just going to say the scenes I remember. My family was staying with an Indian family and it was Halloween. Trick-or-treaters kept coming to the door. My family was staying on the lower floors only, where there were three rooms we were using, which were all looking into a courtyard inside the house. Everything was made out of large stone bricks, like a castle. On the other side of the house, the rooms were small and had a window at the top bringing light in; they looked like prison cells. I remember looking into one room and seeing a little girl playing with a dolly, sitting in a chair that was the only thing in the room. It was really creepy. Trick-or-treaters were also running around through the house. I had a suspicion that my dad was cheating on my mom with a girl I knew from high school, Hailey, whom I considered my arch-nemesis. Irl, my parents aren't together and I try not to listen when my dad talks about his dating escapades. He was talking about needing to talk to Hailey about some business thing, and got this strange look on his face, which I knew I meant he was getting all turned on. Mom saw it too and went "Mark!" Disgustedly. There was a Halloween party that was going to happen in this house, in a large dark room at the back of the house with my adult friends and a bunch of "popular people". I didn't really care about the party, but I brought 3 six-packs of beer and one Mikes Hard Lemonade for it and set them down next to a couch. There were already some of the "popular ladies" preparing for it, and one of them was Hailey. I was feeling grossed out by her. My old friends Cruz, Leticia, and some other nerdy people like me were there, and there was an obvious social barrier between us and the other people in the room, like some dumb high school clique BS, but we were still all at the same party as adults. The room was super dark with no details, other than the one couch and a bunch of fold out tables on the side where they were setting food out. Then there were trick-or-treaters in the outdoor court area, and they were playing a game of sorts. I joined them to either give them candy, or play the game with them, and a girl who was probably as old as 12, and wasn't wearing a costume, started having a seizure and fell to the ground. I immediately went to her side and began doing the things you're supposed to do when people seizure. I couldn't remember if you roll them on their side, or just move their head to the side, and I asked the people around me. They just looked at me in shock. During the seizure, the girl kept saying "I'm alright! I'm alright!" But I told her I would stay by her side until it was over. When it was done, she stood up and brushed herself off, and then left without even a thank you. I thought "Psh. Ungrateful kids." Then I was outside with my best friend Leticia, hiding. I don't remember why we went outside, but we were hiding from trick-or-treaters. We were crouched next to the house, and there was a fence with a bunch of holes in it that we could see the trick-or-treaters on the streets through. We were terrified of letting them see us, like they were zombies or something, so we carefully snuck along the wall of the house to indoors. Occasionally, a kid would run up to the fence and bang on it, and it was scare the bajeebus out of me. Then I was back inside. I was up on the second floor of the house for some reason and saw that the house was HUGE and actually a mansion, when before I thought it was a stone hovel. The second floor had a balcony that looked down into the courtyard, and everything was red and fancy and Oriental (the family were still Hindi Indians). I went downstairs to check on the party. As I went, I held a door open for people who were coming in, and slowly more and more people started showing up, a never ending stream making me stuck holding this door for people. This would always happen when I was in college in real life, and I always had to eventually just let go of the door and leave, being rude to a single person. I let the door go right as two Indian teenagers approached it and it shut in their faces. I looked at them guiltily and said "I'm not racist! I swear!" And they looked at me like I was an idiot. I thought "dammit, only a racist would even think to say something like that..." I continued to the back room where the party was and found it to be done and over with already. Almost all of the beer and Mike's I had brought were gone and the tables were a mess with pieces of board games. I was mostly shocked about the beer, like "geez! I didn't even get any!" Hailey apologized about it, but not in a very sincere way, like "Oh, oops, yeah, sorry about that, heheh," Everyone started cleaning up after the party, putting away the game pieces and empty bottles of beer, but I was like "I didn't even get to participate in this stupid party, so no thanks" and I grabbed one of my beers. I drank it while going around and looking at the board games. All of them were super like details and fancy or super high tech and futuristic and I was really impressed. I was asking this guy who was cleaning them up about them. He was a random jock guy. He said "oh, let me show you the pizza one!" And he led me to another table, where there was a very realistic pizza on the table, but it was actually a board game, and every topping on the pizza could come off and was just plastic. Even the slices came apart and the cheese and sauce. The jock and I put all the pieces into one giant pile of pizza stuff for fun and threw them around like they were gold coins. It was so realistic I wanted to try eating a black olive off of it, but thought "No, I am not a child. I shouldn't do that." Then Halloween was over and my family was going home again. I don't remember seeing my siblings at all, just my mom and dad. We went out into the road and it looked like we were actually in a city in India, when previously, being outside, it looked like any suburban neighborhood. My dad went off to a shop nearby to talk to the owners or something. After a bit, Mom told me that Dad has to stay in India longer for the business thing he was doing, and we were leaving without him. I rushed to the store to say goodbye to Dad. There was a crowd of Indian people I had to go through as I saw my dad talking away to some guys in a store that looked directly out into the street. It looked like a toy store and in my head I knew that it was Hailey's family store and my dad was talking to her dad (even though Hailey and her family are white hippies). There were some other people inside shopping. I saw Dad begin to go deeper into the store with the guy he was talking to. As I approached, I yelled "Dad!" But he didn't hear me. Another guy appeared and purposely held a cardboard poster thing in my view so I couldn't see dad. I just wanted to say goodbye to him! I knew he was going to go cheat on Mom with Hailey and wanted one last good moment before it happened! I screamed as loud as I could "DAD!" He finally turned and looked. "I WANT A HUG GOODBYE!" The store was totally silent when I screamed it, and now everyone within it was staring at me. Dad made a "keep it down gesture" at me angrily, and then disappeared through a door to the back of the shop. Then all at once the people staring at me put their fingers to their lips and went "shhhhh." I was shocked for a second, then did a little bow, that being the only thing I could think to do as an apology to everyone around me, as, in the dream, screaming in public was an extremely taboo thing to do in India.