Disney date killer

Date: 7/16/2017

By pheeniealexandra

I went on a date with the guy from the show like modern family but not and we were dressed up like a prince and a princess and we had to dress like this for a promo or something. Like Disney dates or whatever. And he was really douche. So then I was in an elevator with him and someone else and I he killed someone? And then the fourth person in the elevator helped and then we fell in love and we were in a room together playing role play w guns and shit and then our boss walked in so I put the gun behind me and he gave my significant other a paycheck in a fancy container and his secretary was super interested in the cameras I had behind me and I was hoping that she wouldn't know the difference between a gun and a camera, but she couldn't tell. And we were like at the beach and then I woke up.