Walmart and Witches

Date: 6/28/2019

By Trixzie

I was at Walmart shopping and notice after a while I have lost my wallet. I go to an area with computer cubbies in the store. I see two women exchanging a debit card in front of a computer. One tells the other what they want them to do with the debit card. She says the number on the card out loud. It's not mine. (A sigh of relief). She tells her she wants her to hack the debit card owner's email and if so, delete it. The second woman looks at the first with a look that says she's an idiot. I realized somebody's identity is being stolen. I tell one of the Walmart staff. She says she knows. Another person tells the staff member. Again she says she knows and looks slightly irritated. I begin to see people with radios including one with down syndrome. They are all cops. It's a setup. (That bitch is going to jail). I think to myself it's kind of cool the girl with down syndrome is a cop. I start trying to find my wallet. I come across it at the checkout. Somebody took my cards out and tore my wallet into several pieces. Someone also cut all of my cards up including driver's license and insurance, pretty much everything. It sucks, but it's all there. I go these rooms at the front of walmart to sleep. There's a bed and Brad is there too. It's night time and there are many windows around the room. A woman pulls up in the next room with her car, she's Gypsie. In the middle of the night Brad starts getting frisky (ensue part of the dream I'll keep to myself, but it was good.) We snuggled and fall asleep after. The next morning we wake up, the Gypsie woman and her friend are staring at us through the window. I freaked out, but then start laughing. They just keep talking to each other and staring at us. They are not embarrassed to have been caught staring at us. I tried to laugh it off, but it's beginning to get weird. The Gypsie woman's friend starts coming into the room. She sits down and starts mumbling a bunch of incomprehensible words. She's casting a spell I think. (I've been binge-watching too much of vampire diaries.) I asked her what she's doing. She says that we are the embodiment of Merlin and Morgana and true love and that she is casting a spell so that we can never be together, as revenge. I tell her that she has the wrong people, basically we are not Merlin or Morgana and doppelgangers instead. We hadn't done anything. She doesn't care, she continues casting her spell. She begins to cut her hand to have blood for the spell. I'm so angry that I take her knife and stabbed her in the throat. (I really been watching too much vampire diaries.) She looks like she's going to die, but then she doesn't. Instead she gets up and causually walks away with the damnedest smirk. She says the spell required an act of violent passion and thanked me. I stand there flabbergasted and staring as she walks away.