She Had Cut Her Hair

Date: 7/16/2017

By traprockgirl

I was in a large open area restaurant, ornate, busy, full of people. I was traveling, but don't know where I was. I past a table to leave and follow who I was with, a older woman grabs my arm. She was like, "Here, meet this other young gal," one she had snagged for another table, "You should be out doing things together, seeing the sights." I told her I would, but I leave tomorrow in the morning. I follow people to the exit, go down a couple steps to an elevator. A child is sitting there teary eyed, people are asking her curious things, "Why did you do it?" Almost like heckling, then her Dad comes up and it like she should kill herself! I'm horrified to discover it's because the child cut her hair, it's now a little past her shoulders. I grab her and hug her and tell the father to come with me into the elevator. He has another small child with him and a diaper bag. I try to ease the situation to help Dad change his mind. "I bet mom has very pretty hair," I say. Yes, she does, very long, I go on, asking questions and keeping Dad calm, explaining how she didn't do it intentionally, children are curious about scissors, she probably started in the front.... The girl looks up at me with tears and she has bright turquoise eyes, and I'm amazed, and I say, "Look how beautiful your eyes are! They are turquoise! Not just blue, but turquoise!" And then I woke up. In dream before this, I'm doing exercises on a street corner with people spread out on the street and sidewalks, following an instructor. I lose interest...I'm looking in my purse to put something in, I have a box full of jewelry just open in my purse... I climb steps in my old high school, Sam's shirts are hanging, I'm taking some down to throw away, they are in tatters. For some reason I shouldn't throw this Metallica one out it has a gold, skull/smiley face on it, he wants to keep it to hang on the wall.