Missing snake

Date: 2/12/2017

By arunrao88

we moved to new house, did house warming ceremony. That night when I was exploring all the corners of the house I found a small snake in 1st floor, was scared but somehow managed to put it into a small bag. i informed my mom who told me not kill it instead leave it to some forest. next day early morning I started a trip to some piligrimage place(dharmasthala) where we cross a forest. this was an adventurous journey 2 friends were with me, we were travelling on a skateboard kind of thing it was full dark and exiting ride, since it was a down slope we were enjoying sliding there. I had a bag(snake) and a box for breakfast. around 7o clock we took our first stop at a small tea shop, i thought to eat and took out something from box and started eating, that moment i noticed that snake bag was empty. I was in shock dont know how it was my missed. I started looking around. there was nothing . I walked little far and saw a snake suddenly passing next to my left, I was fully scared but that snake looked different it was a golden snake. next in few meters I saw couple of locals talking about a very big snake passed into bushes. next few meters I saw a man who is expert in catching snake was catching a big snake and couple of snakes lying on to his left as if they are obeying some oreders his master. I was totally scared to move forward I started running back one more golden snake with black patches on it passed in front of me. I started running fast and was hearing snake hisss sound around. I ran back to some safer place and called my mom. I explaind everything, she told me its okay, and asked me to visit Kukke subramanya(holy place for snake worship) and do some pooja.