For you to figure out..

Date: 4/14/2019


My boyfriend and I went to the mountains and we hiked up a really tall mountain. we stayed up there for hours just talking.a couple of hours later he said we should go to the very top for some privacy I feel like people are watching us right as he said we went to the very top.there was more trees up here so he felt more safe I guess.then he tried to strip me and said if you don’t have the thing with me I’m jumping we did the thingy then an hour later he acted like he was going to jump and I said what if you jump and then I want to jump and you can’t stop me?he said “that’s for you to find out.He jumped off and obviously fell to his death.I screamed and I ran down the mountain. (The mountain was sorta like a hill on the backside of it) When I finally got to the car I drove home as fast as I could and I tried to keep it a secret but my mom new there was something wrong.she asked me multiple times what was wrong and I didn’t tell her I just sat there my dad was asking so I thought it would be better if I told my dad what happened.(I left the thingy out)so now my dad was shocked and then he told mom and now they are all disappointed in me for not telling them.i was grounded for a week.i never understood why but that’s it