Hunger games

Date: 4/12/2019

By DreamWeirdo

I had a dream that I was in the hunger games with all of my friends but we all had an understanding that we were going to have fun with it. There was an avengers and ghoulish element to the game. All of the horror movies came out and were going to come get us and we had to defeat that too. I had a weird clown that was coming after me. I killed a lot of people to get to the last person and win the game. I knew after winning it will be fine because I would see all my friends after the simulation. I ended up getting hurt but winning almost in the end. I remember washing off in the ocean with these lifeguards. I remember going to get a henna tattoo and not paying for it. I remember playing tag with some people after that. I got home at my families house. I wanted to jerk off to the pictures of these guys I had sex with on my phone but couldn’t do it because some random guy that was living there was crying because he was drunk. Our neighbor was Chelsea handler and I began to give him shit because she didn’t invite him over to her party. I woke up