My real parents or future me?

Date: 7/11/2019

By justbcwhatever

I had a dream that I was in the middle of manhattan with a friend and while looking for a cup of ice I pass this building with a plaque that has my whole name. But the middle name was Danielle Instead of Daniela. I go inside and it’s s psychologists/ doctors office for people who have a hormonal imbalance of the “fun hormone”. She was a therapist for that. I sat down and thought that there’s no way. I sat down bc I saw that she took walk ins. I saw her come out she looked just like me. Older, thinner. A little different in the face. She looked like she could be my mother and my heart dropped. I tried telling her that I was her next patient bc there was no one written down for the walk in list and while she was telling me that she has no more time I blurted our my entire name in the middle of her sentence. And she was in shock and didn’t move for a bit. I didn’t see her face because she was walking away from me as I blurted it out . I told her that I think she’s my real mom and she just wouldn’t answer any questions. She tried taking another patient but I tried beating her to her office in another route. I made it to her office and she walks in and I remember a man there that looked like he could be my dad. I remember wanting to yell at them bc they look like they have it soo nice and I could have lived with them. She told me she thought I was better off without them and I got so angry and told her I wasn’t. And I started remembering how bad it was for me growing up and how terrible my family works. I was thinking about how this family could have taught me what love really is and supported me like a real family. At that point I was fighting back tears. I woke up so sad. Random things I remember My friends somehow found me in the office and they were incorporated into th dream The patients that couldn’t have fun properly The gold plaque. My potential dad My mom had back straight hair Her face was a little longer than mine I was with Vivian coming from Johnny rockets. We were just in the city.