Cruise with Robert Downey Jr. Lookalike

Date: 5/17/2017

By memelord420

So my family, Robert Downey Jr. lookalike and I went on a cruise together. Robert Downey Jr. Lookalike (let's call him Jake for short) and I shared a room. We walked around the boat together exploring. I honestly don't remember much of day one. We got back to the room. I remember us making out. It started to get real hot when he pulled back and looked into my eyes. I felt really nervous for some reason. He said not yet and I hugged him. We cuddled up and fell asleep. Next day he took me on a date. I remember eating chocolate covered strawberries and eating dinner together. We went on this love ride maybe? It gets fuzzy. I got sunburn on my face in the past apparently because it was peeling a bit. He picked the dead skin off my face (yes I think that is really weird) and looks into my eyes. I look back loving. Something comes over Jake and he picks me up carrying me back to the room. Putting me on the bed gently towering over me. He asks me if I'm ready I nod. (Yes we used protection) I wake up and he's gone replaced with my sister. I ask her were is Jake. She shrugs and like that he disappeared like all the other guys in my life lol XD. My sister and I go to like a trampoline park but without trampolines.It was Bouncy mats that would send you flying the stuff of dreams. We had lots of fun. We return the next day with the rest of the family (no Jake). My aunt , more like a grandmother to me, said to go get the rest of the family to look at the mountain of mats That song that goes dont let me down is blaring and she is sitting on the mountain as soon as the drop in the song starts she jumps and then flys into the air. We were laughing so hard. She isn't the person to do that kind of stuff it was so funny so much so I woke up from laughing too much. And that is my very long dream about going on a cruise with my family and Jake. I feel like I betrayed team cap lol