Date: 6/28/2019

By Trixzie

A boy is with his parents and uncle at the movies (they are India Indian). There is a kiosk to purchase movie tickets and the boy runs up and starts hitting buttons. Something happens and an error occurs. The uncle places his hand on the boys shoulder when all of a sudden they are transported into a solid white room with slick shiny clean walls and floors, a white couch with a glass table and magazines, sitting on a white furry rug. Everything looks very sterile. There are no doors, but on the wall is a kiosk to search for a name. The uncle's cell phone rings, it's the boys parents freaking out, the boy is scared. The uncle explains to the parents the best he can where they are and the boy is becoming increasingly scared and panicked. The kiosk says to search for a name. The boy starts putting his name in and his name comes up and gives him the opportunity to purchase his ticket that he wanted before the error occured, but he starts crying because he has no money. The uncle calms him down and lets him talk to his parents. He pulls out his wallet and buys the ticket. A ticket prints from the kiosk. A thank you message pops up with a new search button at the bottom. A solid white door has appeared at the back of the room and the uncle feels immense relief. He had been scared too. He decides to search for his name and buy a ticket for himself. He presses the search button. The kiosk announces out loud "purchase limit met". The uncle's heart sinks. He looks at the door and his nephew not knowing if both will be able to go through or if he'll be stuck in this prison. For a guilty second he thinks of taking his nephew's ticket, but it passes quickly. The uncle just stares at the door from across the room.