I skipped my favorite concert!!!!!!!

Date: 5/21/2017

By samthelamb

I keep reminding myself that seventeen(kpop boyband) is coming and I need to go their concert on May 23. I reminded my self a week early. 2 days later. I was so busy with homework. Few days later again I was busy. Then at school. I realized I need to go their concert. It is tonight. I remind my self on my planner. I was busy with homework That I forgot to look my planner to see what plan. Next day. At night I went to a event with my school people. I end up sitting with (Karson - my acquaintance from 2 years ago) I realized I missed seventeen concert. I was traumatized. I was so sad. I couldn't even focus on what was my school event about. I kept telling my self how dumb I was. I wouldn't ever forgive my self ever. I felt this burden on me. I was really sad to the point where I want to cry alone. And then I woke up. ----------------------------------- I thought thank God it didn't happen in real life. In real life. Seventeen is coming on August 23. Hopefully this dream is not about the future but instead give me a strong warning that I can have the choice to go. I can have the strong reminder which is my dream. I had other scary dream about kidnapping but I think skipping seventeen's concert was the scariest.