Hunting in my Backyard

Date: 1/19/2017

By LucidGriffin

So all I remember doing was going outside to hunt these coyote looking things. They were a little bigger then a wolf and there were two of them. I don't think I even had a gun, which was pretty weird. Walking outside though I noticed some huge differences in the landscaping. Instead of the barren dirt backyard that I really have it was full of wildlife. It was straight out of an alien movie. The plants were all a deep red color and glowing. There was a purple tinge to the air making things look darker in color, except the two coyote things, they were pure white. They were lounging between two red palm trees playing with a deer head that I had left out as bait. They had somehow set off my snare trap without getting stuck and were basically rubbing it in my face about how I couldn't. catch them. That's all I can remember.