Racing Bowser and FallOut/Wasteland World, also a spirit.

Date: 2/24/2017

By richilye

I was at someplace in my city, then I was walking around, looking for something (which I don't remember). Suddenly there was a racing competition, you had to race against Bowser, I don't remember what the winning prize was, but caught my interest. It was a long race, starts at some wooden platform, then go inside the Wumpa forest, then inside a giant tree and so on. I didn't win, Bowser's kart was too fast, faster than it really is on the game. The other racers were characters from Crash Bandicoot. Scene Change. In the future now, the place has became a wasteland, Like those you see in FallOut after the bomb. I was walking around seeing what happened to the place, then my mom called me and said something. Then I was going in her direction, In the way I found a Vending Machine with eligible food, 2 boxes with chicken breasts and 2 cans of tomatoes, and I took it thinking that my mom hasn't eaten yet. I was eating a chocolate bar that I found somewhere. I walked more and got homw, my house didn't get destroyed. I told my mom about the food ad she asked me why I only brought these, I said that's because these ones didn't have any radiation on it. Immediately I checked the food's stats to see if it had radiation or not. It was free of radiation, and the chicken breasts would give 20HP upon cooked, I started cooking it, the smell was good... I might have forgotten what happens next, so... Scene change... I woke up in a place that looked like a shelter, you could see throught wall and stuff, the walls were made out of wood. It was still in the futire. There were some pwople inside the house. The room I was had a door on the right and was closed everywhere else, despite the holes on the wall and missing parts. Then a light appeared on the left, it was like a flashlight, I had a sensation that it was a ghost or some spirit, the people in there saw that I was scared and told me to go see it, even thou they would just go and run back. Then they decided to attract the thing to my position by making it chase them, the thing stopped near the door, I ran to the car somehow and went to sleep in there. Then thoae assholes attracted her near the car, she opened the door and tried to grab me, as I escaped by the other side, she had daek-brown skin,and brown hair, ugly clothes (a shirt showing off her belly and a short shorts, like those that whores wears) and she had like a C cup or so. I started taking distance... Then I remember nothing more, but there was more to it.