a new beginning

Date: 7/16/2017

By This1LuckyGuy

for some reason, I don't really remember a lot. The last thing that I remember which is really kind of the first thing I remember is that I was in another town. I was driving a Porsche really nice car they moved fast and I was driving with d. We stopped at a gas station, and I parked where I was not supposed to be parked. A couple of cars were blocking me in and I pushed them out of the way with the Porsche in order to leave that parking lot. my former coworkers we're supposed to meet me for breakfast somewhere and I decided to go with d somewhere else. I seem to remember fences, and being blocked in in other ways too. But I was driving on again a freeway well I wasn't on the freeway but I ended up being funneled to the freeway. I could not make the turns that I needed to make because people were driving like jerks. I remember speeding up to drive over a large gap. it looked like a ditch or an Arroyo like the ones that are here but are smaller. I was not in Albuquerque, I think I was in Houston. I had a craving for sweet things to eat. Felicia was in my dream. that's not a good thing I don't think. But I remember resting my head on her leg and it was so smooth and realizing what I was doing I pulled away. that is obviously a good thing. she was in another part of my dream too although I don't really recall what it was about. Things seem kind of fuzzy as far as my remembrance goes. what I do recall is that it was some kind of party or club or something like that.