Turned into a vampire part 2

Date: 1/31/2017

By Charlieebluesphinx28

When I wake up I was in an old bedroom and I realized I woke up naked I look around and it was a huge bedroom. I sit up and the blankets fall off my chest and my nipples go hard and the bedroom door opened up and I grab the blanket and pull it up to my chest and the guy who turned me into a vampire. " Good morning Breanna" he says and walks around the bed and sits on the side of the bed "how well did sleep last night?" He asks I nod still holding the blankets. He smiles and he knows I ask " why..why am naked?" Looks up and walks around the room, your naked because I had to wash you and make sure your clean to meet the Vampire King so he knews there is a new vampire in our covet. And since I bite you your my duty to make sure you look good" I nod than I say okay " you stripped me out of clothes and you washes me too? " he nods than says " yes I did and I washed your hair too," he paused for a moment " I think I drink of your blood when turned you and I also turned you because I like you and I been watching you, you seem like a good vampire for me as a friend and maybe you will fall for me too " " you think I will fall for you? " smile than laugh than I drop my blanket covering my chest and he looks at my chest with my nipples perk and he comes in closer pulls me toward him " yes I do think you will like me?" He started to kiss down my neck toward the base of my neck than he gets to my chest and sucks on my nipples and I moan deeply and he continues and holds me close and his other hand finds my pussy and fingers me and I moan louder than he comes off my nipple " see you like me?" He smiles than gets up " get dressed we have to meet the king soon Than he leaves my room as I get up, and I grab my clothes a new pair of boots and leggings and new tee shirt and I get dressed and brush my hair and he comes back in as I brush my hair " may I ask what your name is? " he smiles " my name is Levi actually" Than he turns me around and kisses me and your mine. And I wake up