Major League Game

Date: 3/22/2017

By kidglovs

I am the starting pitcher for a Major League Baseball team. My son J is on the opposing team. I am on the mound and he comes up to the plate to hit. He smiles at me. Around the infield there are gondolas like in a retail environment. Between the plate and first base there is a glass showcase and there is a female "employee" behind the counter. I walk up to the counter and have a conversation with the lady. She states "It's not too often that we see a father/son combination on two teams". I go back to the mound and start pitching to my son. A couple of the pitches don't make it to the plate. On one or two pitches, instead of throwing a baseball, I am throwing objects like a cigarette butt which also falls short of the plate. I end up throwing a couple of good fastballs, the last of which strikes my son out looking. He looks at me disappointed and walks back to the dugout. My son J plays college ball and had a looking strikeout the night of this dream. ⚾️