Those who steal and push

Date: 5/7/2017

By TheNagual

After a long unknown conflict came to its climax, I embark outside onto the large desert valley. I walked a long stretch, ahead was a 4 way intersection, i continue to go straight. I had to send out a few texts, when I look back up there were a few other people on the large trail, mostly Mexicans on bikes. I walk the final length of the stretch toward an archway, there was a long drop down below that I stood away from. I could sense the foreigners trying to rob me, I catch a few and suddenly am pinned by the cliff by one who tries to steal something from me. I know if I kept my awareness sharp, I could get out of this one. I make a comeback and kick her back but get caught on a signpost, she starts running and screaming to her master who sent her. I get free and ready to take action. She had gone behind the magnificent archway, a kingdom of sorts. I walk in and see an apartment building and flights of stairs. I see two of the robber women and go up after them. At the top, I hide behind the door and the wall as I wait for the man to come out, they were all screaming at one another. He quickly comes out and I miss him as he disappears into an airshaft. I decide to prepare for him to come back. I fold a towel tightly to hit over his head like a rock. A cat claws onto the towel and was very difficult to shake off, I didn't want to hurt it. The man comes back up and I am barely ready to fight, however, he was an old man! I was laughing with joy as I fight him as I recognize my fear as unreal. We stop soon after and I leave. The sequence swiftly changes and there was a massive black gear humanoid machine mining coal. Inside was 100's of men, all trapped and covered with coal as they operate the machine. One man brings up their forgotten sexualities, "can you feel it? Those gears beneath you? You did not feel it till I mentioned so..." then there was lines and lines of hard working men in a great dark cave. Only one man, a fat innocent man who was not from their universe, did not have to work however he stood in line like the rest of them. He kept walking forward and picking up soda bottles! Suddenly, a human size, and powerfully intelligent cat in black in the distant black and dark mountain. She seeks out to save that man and goes through a dark and small cave in water. In the end... she was held up like a star, all limbs sticking out. She was trapped and the ending was uncertain.