Date: 2/23/2019

By JJG55

it started with us at some summer camp but it was in the fall. it was me, mark, zach, laura, and some other people who i can’t remember. there was someone who i knew outside serving as a guard (i don’t remember who it was maybe ms.jess or some counselor) they were on the lookout for someone with white glowing eyes. well i remember hanging out with my friends inside out like log cabin and then we went outside into some suburban town at sundown. when we got back i was talking with the guard but suddenly got really scared. i turned around and saw two boys walking around picking up random things on the ground. even the guard got scared and we all ran inside. zach said he’d go out to see what was going on so he did. and he didn’t come back. i think after that i went looking for him and i wandered into this dark dank long hallway yelling out “zach!” suddenly out of every door way and in front of and behind me people popped out all with big white eyes or some black batman like mask. one of them being zach. i put it together that they wanted to brainwash me into anyone one of their monsters but i turned and ran and made it out into a big field right outside ridge. the scene kind of changed a bit as i went into hiding. the school had a pool and i was swimming in it just hanging out when one of the brainwashed people approached me and said i needed to help them. i was only partially transformed so i had their power but i wasn’t one of them. i went back to the camp and into this big building that was like an arcade/fancy place. i was with some of the girls on track. we went to the front desk at the arcade to get cards to play games but he placed the card on our hands and if the numbers turned green we were brainwashed and could go in. mine had the number 17 and turned green. Ema had a couple numbers but hers also turned green which surprised me. he was suspicious but i asked for the rest room before he could say anything to me. it was a small wooden dirty dimly lit room but i went into a stall and sat down. i think ms.stacy was in the stall next to me! anyways i left the bathroom and the building was packed with people. some i recognized from school. but i ran around looking for zach and asking people of they knew where he was. they pointed me back in the direction of the dimly lit hallway where the brainwashers were. i went down and didn’t recognize it at first but then all the kids popped out. they just kind of stood there smiling and i walked past one of them and large pillar to find big gas tanks and i figured out it was the gas that was brainwashing people. behind the pillar i saw zach. he had one of the batman masks on. he told me to leave and so i did. without him. i’d failed to get my friend. the scene changed to some cabin that apparently i moved into. it was some special night and i was bummed that zach wasn’t there with us. i opened the door to reveal two of my friends. (some boy and a girl i don’t know who they are but apparently they were my friends). it was night and they told me they had a surprise. i walked onto the porch and ran down the stairs and gave zach a big hug. he told me he could come out at night and that it wouldn’t hurt him. and then, i woke up.