tornado with crush

Date: 5/26/2017

By amodus

in tall building (about 5 stories) with large group of people. sitting next to crush from the grocery store (she has blonde hair instead of dark hair, and she looks much less pretty), dark skies out, tornado comes and grazes the front of the building. looks like a wall of rain at first but turns into a more polygonal looking funnel as it moves to my left. it damages that side of the building. next part is fuzzy. afterwards the pond outside is frozen and ebony colored underneath. crush doesn't feel like going out and looking at it. next part is fuzzy I remember cuddling in the corner with her a bit and I come within kissing distance, not sure if we kissed, she also seemed occupied with other thoughts. an additional hallway is now on our right for some reason. I remember the smell of the grocery store line and assosiate it with her. we both took some mustard colored pills that had a distinct taste, I may have chewed it. I remember it having to do with some kind of game with her. this is the point where she looks very different (she kind of has acne and big teeth) and the dream changes focus to this "game" everything else is forgotten.